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Have you heard of Jericho Writers?

I recently discovered this rich source of materials for would-be and published writers and now have a year’s membership.

I first encountered Harry Bingham on the internet where he offered free advice on YouTube to writers. Being new to writing I was keen to learn the craft and consumed any information available to me.  When I then discovered Harry’s Festival of Writing in York I booked a full-weekend place and face-to-face meetings with agents to present my first novel Dying to See You.

The Festival was informative, fun and beneficial to my writing career. I met some great people, had an enjoyable weekend, ate great food and learnt loads. I wanted to attend all the workshops and was spoiled for choice but have now discovered I can watch the presentations I missed in short films on the Jericho Writers website. This membership is the next best thing to attending a festival.

The website builds further on Harry’s videos and the festivals and offers master classes, films, resources and templates presented by a multitude of expert writers, agents and professionals. Even though I am now a published author and have written three novels I am still learning and can always find new and interesting information to enhance my skills further.

I am particularly looking forward to the Slushpile LIVE taking place next week where agents sift through submissions and give their verdict and reasons for acceptances and rejections. I anticipate gleaning some useful insights into what agents look for.

Jericho Writers offers advice across the whole spectrum of writing from traditional and indie publishing to self-publishing, commercial to literary fiction and non-fiction, adults and young adults to children. Whatever you write there will be something for you.

I haven’t read and watched everything yet – there is so much on offer – but I intend to explore every corner over the next few months. The website is bright, easy to navigate and fun. I have yet to make contact with other authors and writers at the Townhouse where they chat about writing, critique each other’s work and ask for writing tips but I’m looking forward to it.

If you want to improve your writing then Jericho Writers is for you. Visit to find out more.

Kerena Swan

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